Garbage & Recycling Collection

To keep Three Hills the beautiful place it is, please ensure that all household waste and recyclable materials are securely placed in the appropriate household garbage or recycling carts. Please refer to the Collection Guide for information on where to place your cart on the street, and what materials are acceptable for each cart.

Black garbage and blue recycling carts must be put out for pickup by 8:00 am on the scheduled day of collection. Remember to remove your cart from the road once your waste has been collected.

2024 Garbage and Recycling Collection Schedule

Residential Recycling & Garbage Collection Guide 

Blue Cart Recyclables List

Residential Waste Collection Schedule:

South of Main Street - Wednesday

Main Street & North - Thursdays

E360S collects waste on the same scheduled days of the week with the exception of statutory holidays. 

Commercial Waste Collection Schedule:

Regular Commercial Bin Collection - Mondays

Additional Commercial Tips - Wednesdays/Thursdays

The Town provides a wide variety of waste containers based on your volume needs. We offer bins and dumpsters for permanent and temporary waste usage. You can arrange to have your waste picked up on a regular schedule, for a specified period or number of tips.

Recycling Collection Schedule:

South of Main Street - Alternating Fridays 

Main Street & North - Alternating Fridays

E360S collects recyclable materials on the same scheduled days of the week with the exception of statutory holidays.

Rates & Fees

WEEKLY COLLECTION: See Utility Billing

14 Yard Bin
$    8.00
$  30.00
$  50.00

$  48.00
$  30.00
$  50.00

$  30.00
$  50.00