Understanding the Development Permit Process

We understand the development permit application process, with the application forms and legislative requirements, can seem overwhelming which is why we’ve created these flow charts to better illustrate the application process. 

Development Permit – Application Process and Timelines

The Municipal Government Act governs how municipalities make decisions on applications for development permits and issuing development permits for any development, including the timeframe for issuing a decision, and the appeal process (MGA 685(2) and 686(1)(b). 

To obtain a development permit the proposed development must conform with the land use district and any development bylaws of the Town. A development permit contains a list of conditions related to the allowed use of the property, the intensity of that use, and reports or studies to support that use. 

Development Permit applications take approximately 1-8 week(s) to process once an application is deemed complete. The time to issue a decision will vary depending on whether the proposed development is a permitted or discretionary use within the land use district and if the application is complex with unique circumstances. If an application requires longer than 40 days for a decision, a time extension may be necessary. 

Permitted uses are uses for which an applicant is entitled to a development permit if the proposed development conforms to all applicable provisions of the LUB, such as setback requirements. The Development Officer is the Development Authority for permitted uses.  Development permit approvals for permitted uses may only be appealed where there is a variance in the LUB regulations, or a misinterpretation occurs by the Development Officer. 

Discretionary uses are uses that may be approved at the discretion of the Town’s Municipal Planning Commission (MPC). The MPC is the Development Authority for discretionary uses. Such uses may be approved if the MPC deems the use to be appropriate for the site and is considered reasonably compatible with neighboring uses. MPC’s decisions are appealable by other landowners.

The flow charts below show the application process for permitted and discretionary uses.

Permitted Uses including Variance Requests less than 40%:

Discretionary Uses & Permitted Uses with a Variance over 40% Requested:

Below is a list of Development Permit Application forms, we strongly encourage you to speak with the Planning and Development team before applying.

Once the Development Permit is approved the applicant will receive an email with the permit. It is important to read the permit as it will contain information and conditions that apply to the application.

*** At this stage, you are now able to apply for your Safety Code Permits (Building, Gas, Electrical & Plumbing). The Town uses Superior Safety Codes for acceptance, issuance, and inspections for all safety code applications. The applications can be found and submitted on their website at www.superiorsafetycodes.com.