1st Street Utility Replacement Project Information

The 1st Street Utility Replacement Project aims to upgrade essential underground infrastructure from 6th Avenue NE to the Tamarack Road cul-de-sac, the 1st Street NE cul-de-sac, and the Three Hills Mobile Home Court. This comprehensive initiative includes replacing the watermain, providing new water service line to residential properties, along with upgraded connections for commercial properties. Additionally, the project involves some sewer upgrades and full road surface reclamation to enhance safety and accessibility.

This infrastructure upgrade will provide improved reliability, decreased watermain repairs, and modernization, meeting the needs of our growing community.

This project is schedule to begin April 22, 2024 (weather permitting). It is possible that the contractor will start preliminary work prior to this date. This project is anticipated to be completed by the end of June 2024; however, there is always the chance of delay due to unforeseen circumstances and weather-related delays.

Contractor for this project is Shawne Excavating & Trucking Ltd.

The project will affect residents along 1st Street NE from 6th Avenue NE to the Tamarack Road cul-de-sac, the 1st Street NE cul-de-sac, and the Three Hills Mobile Home Court. This project is for replacement of the watermain, installation of new water service lines to residential properties, and upgraded water service connections for commercial properties. There will also be some sewer upgrades and a complete road surface reclamation. The project is scheduled to be completed in phases beginning with the 1st Street cul-de-sac, then moving on to the section between 6th Avenue NE and Tamarack Road, working from West to East.

During the construction period, access to the Golden Hills Lodge and Robertson Manor will be maintained at all times. Construction will be performed in a staged approach and a temporary road between the Golden Hills Lodge and Robertson Manor will be developed to avoid major disruptions and loss of access. There will be no impact to the garbage collection from either seniors’ lodges.

A full road surface reclamation will be included in the scope of this project. The first phase of the reclamation will be completed at the end of the project and the second lift of asphalt will be completed in 2025, to allow for settling over the winter.


The project will be completed in three phases, one block at a time. There will be no traffic access to first block of 1st Street NE while it is being repaired. Once the first block is completed, the road will be opened in that block and the second block will be closed to vehicle traffic. Foot traffic will still be allowed during construction, members of the public are asked to use caution and follow directions provided on posted signage.


Alternative parking will be needed if residents don’t have back-alley parking. There is no designated alterative parking areas at this time, and it is recommended that residents park on nearby streets.

Residents’ lawns will be disrupted. Some residents may experience more significant disruptions to their landscaping, and someone will reach out to those residents directly. Landscaping for affected residents will be restored and repaired after completion of the project.

Access into residents’ homes will not be required; however, the contractor will need to access resident’s yards and exterior hose bibs for temporary water connections. The contractor will need access to the corporation connection at the curb located on the property line of your property, which will be replaced, and the existing water service line will be reconnected to the new water line.


A temporary water system will be set up to ensure uninterrupted potable water supply to residents’ homes.


For homes located in the Tamarack Road cul-de-sac, garbage pick up will be shifted to the back alley. For homes along 1st Street NE, between 6th and 7th Ave, where there is no back alley, the contractor will collect everyone's carts and roll them to an open location on 6th or 7th Avenue for pickup. Residents are asked to please attach your civic address to your carts as the contractor will return them to the residents’ homes after collection.

~Please check back for updates~

Posted June 11, 2024:

6 Avenue SE will be closed today from 1 Street SE to 2nd Street SE. Traffic will be detoured down 5th Avenue SE. The road closure is scheduled to end on June 11, 2024 at 4:30 p.m. 

Posted June 3, 2024:

11 Avenue NE now open! Crews are working on minor road repairs on 1 Street NE between Tamarack Road and 11 Avenue NE. Please use caution while driving as there will be some uneven surfaces.

Posted May 31, 2024:

Starting on June 3, 2024 residents East of 7th Avenue NE should start placing their garbage and recycling bins in the back alley for collection. 

Posted May 27, 2024:

Water will be shut off on 6 Avenue NE between 1 Street NE & Main Street for approximately 1 hour this afternoon for valve installation, between 4:30-6:00pm. Sorry for the inconvenience.

6 Avenue NE will be closed from 2 Street NE (Highway 583) to 1 Street NE for a period of time to complete some underground work. Traffic is being detoured down 5 Avenue NE to Main Street.

Posted May 21, 2024:

Shawne will be setting up detour signs on 1 Street NE between 6 Avenue NE & 7 Avenue NE today. They are planning to begin asphalt removal starting Wednesday, May 22, 2024 depending on the weather.

Posted May 14, 2024:

1 Street NE cul-de-sac watermain installation is now complete. Work on the sanitary collection system will begin today.

Posted May 10, 2024:

11 Avenue NE from 1 Street NE to 2 Street NE will be closed while work is being completed on the 1 Street NE cul-de-sac. Traffic will be detoured through the alleyway.

Posted May 9, 2024:

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 - water will be shut off on 7 Avenue NE between Main Street & 1 Street NE.

Service shut off will begin at 9:30am and should be back on at approximately 12:00pm. This is due to the installation of an isolation valve. 

Asphalt removal in the 1 Street cul-de-sac will begin today (May 9).

Posted May 7, 2024:

Shawne has paused work in the 1 Street NE cul-de-sac due to the weather. Work will resume once it dries up.

Posted May 2, 2024:

Due to unexpected underground work 11 Avenue NE is closed. All traffic is being detoured through the alleyway East & West of 11 Avenue.

All garbage & recycle collection for the 1 Street NE cul-de-sac will be back alley pick up until further notice. 

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Grant Gyurkovits, Director of Operations & Infrastructure at (403) 443-2909 or by email at grant@threehills.ca or Forrest Manser, Manager of Operational Services at (403) 443-2908 or by email at water@threehills.ca.