Water Plant
The Town of Three Hills owns and operates the water treatment plant that provides Three Hills, Trochu and portions of Kneehill County with water.  The water that enters the plant is drawn from the Red Deer River east of the Town of Three Hills. The Public Works staff work hard to protect health by delivering clean, reliable drinking water to the community.
Effective treatment is paramount in ensuring that water is safe to drink. The Town of Three Hills, Alberta Environment and the Regional Health Authorities each have a responsibility to ensure safe drinking water for Albertans. Facility operators are responsible for the day-to-day operation of treatment plants and must operate in accordance with the standards set out by Alberta Environment. The Town is required to report to Alberta Environment anytime they cannot meet their specified terms and conditions.
In addition, the Provincial Laboratory of Public Health (Microbiology) performs microbiological testing of drinking water samples. 

Water Main Flushing: 
Flushing is a method of cleaning the water main pipes by forcing water through them at high speed and discharging it through hydrants, which are left open until the water runs clear. This fast-moving water flow scours and cleans out mineral deposits and sediment that have built up over time and settled at the bottom of the pipes.

During Water Main Flushing...
Residents may experience temporary discolouration of water while the water main is being flushed. Any disruption should be short-lived.    

  • Do not turn on your taps or flush your toilets. This could draw sediment into the water pipes on your property, water meter, hot water tank, and into water filters
  • Turn off all time-delayed water-line appliances

Optional precautionary measure...

  • Store a sufficient reserve of drinkable water for use during the above hours.

When water main flushing is completed...

  • Remove aerators (screens) from taps.
  • Turn on your cold water laundry tub tap (or the tap located nearest your property's water meter/shut-off) and let it run for a minimum of 10 minutes or until it runs clear.
  • Place the aerators back on taps.  

Water Main Breaks and Repairs:  
Underground water pipes known as water mains can sometimes leak or break. When a pipe leaks or a break happens, water can escape. Because the water mains are under constant pressure, the water escaping will flow until the break is discovered, that section of the pipe is closed and then repaired.
The Town of Three Hills will notify affected members of the community of any water disruptions due to water main breaks.
How can I prepare for when my water is turned off?
You can prepare for a water service interruption by storing water in the fridge for drinking. Store water in your bathtub, clean pails, sinks, jugs or any clean container that is appropriate to hold water.
Ensure all your equipment that relies on water is handled according to the manufacturer's specifications. For example, air conditioners may be required to be powered off. Other equipment may have bypass valves or shut off valves that should be turned on or off. If you are not sure what to do, contact the manufacturer or the place of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

My water has an unusual taste/odour, is it safe to drink? 

Yes, your water is safe to drink. Unusual tastes and odours are aesthetic in nature and do not pose a health risk.  Please contact the Town so we can monitor your location.

Where can I find more information on water treatment? 

How can I Conserve Water?
What is our water hardness in Three Hills? 
254 is the mg/L
Does the Town of Three Hills use fluoride in their water treatment?