Municipal Planning Projects


The Town has been working on a new Municipal Development Plan (MDP). This Plan is intended to guide future development by providing a clear vision for the Town. In conjunction with the preparation of the new MDP, the existing Land Use Bylaw (LUB) and Integrated Sustainability Plan (ISP) will also be updated. These Plans act as supporting documents to the MDP. Each of the documents will help illustrate the priorities of residents and Council regarding future development in Three Hills.

The overall objective of the Town in undertaking this project is to produce a MDP, LUB, and ISP that reflects the Town’s history and community needs while providing clear and user-friendly principles, goals, and policies for the sustainable future growth and prosperity of Three Hills for the next 20 years.


A Municipal Development Plan (MDP) guides future development in the Town by illustrating a vision for the community and outlining specific goals, objectives, and policies to support the Town’s vision.

Some things that Municipal Development Plans address include:

  • types and location of future generalized land uses (residential, commercial, industrial)

  • policies regarding land for park spaces and schools

  • how future development will be addressed

  • future transportation and servicing alignments

    As development in the Town occurs, it must comply with the information provided in the MDP.


A Land Use Bylaw (LUB) is used to regulate, control, or prohibit development of land and buildings in a municipality. Every parcel of land in Town has a specific land use district assigned to it, which allows certain uses and prohibits others. As development occurs, land use districts are assigned to new areas.

Some of the things that Land Use Bylaws address include:

  • types of allowable uses

  • building regulations (setbacks from property lines, height, lot coverage, etc)

  • types and size of signage

  • parking, landscaping, and fencing requirements

  • development permit conditions

  • number of dwellings per lot

    Prior to rezoning a parcel of land, the Town must follow a certain protocol as required by the provincial government; this includes notifying neighbouring land owners and holding a Public Hearing before Council.


An Integrated Sustainability Plan (ISP) helps the community realize sustainability through setting goals and objectives in the areas of:

  • environment

  • culture

  • social

  • economy

  • governance

    "A sustainable society meets the needs of the present without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” Brandtland Commission (United Nations)

    Completing this level of planning allows Municipalities to apply for a variety of Government-funded grants, as they become available.

    Currently the Town has an ISP which functions as the primary visioning and planning document for Three Hills; however, a Municipal Development Plan is a more suitable document for that type of information.



Public Information Session – October 13, 2016

The purpose of the Public Information Session is to discuss the Draft MDP, LUB, and ISP plans and gather input from you to determine: did we get it right?

The Session will be held in a drop-in format (come and go); it will provide an opportunity for you to view display boards that highlight changes made, speak to representatives from the Town and consulting team, and to share your thoughts.

Following this consultation process, we will incorporate feedback received prior to Draft Plans being presented to Council for formal adoption.

If you did not have a chanceto attend the Public Information Session in person, please review the   Display Boards and provide your input to us by filling out the Survey .

      Please also see the Draft MDP, LUB and ISP below:    

 Draft Integrated Sustainability Plan (ISP)

 Draft Land Use Bylaw (LUB)

 Draft Municipal Development Plan (MDP)

Public Hearing            

Prior to the plans’ adoption, formal public hearings will be held by Town of Three Hills Council. These hearing are intended to members of the public an opportunity to share their opinions on the proposed plans before Council. The date of these public hearings will be advertised in the local paper and on this website when it becomes known.  

Discovery Night – September 2, 2015

Display boards were presented at Discovery Night to showcase the Town’s upcoming planning projects (Municipal Development Plan, Land Use Bylaw, and Integrated Sustainability Plan), and engage attendees in an interactive visioning exercise.

Attendees were asked to describe Three Hills in one word and place that word on a sticky note on a display board; a word cloud was created to represent the words collected as shown below.

Open House – December 8, 2015   

On December 8, 2015, the Town hosted a Public Open House to introduce the Municipal Development Plan (MDP), Land Use Bylaw (LUB) update, and Integrated Sustainability Plan (ISP) projects.

In addition to introducing these three planning projects and allowing attendees the opportunity to ask questions to the project team, an interactive activity was presented to gather input regarding how residents feel about Three Hills’s opportunities and constraints.


Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Amanda Haeusler, Planner


Town of Three Hills

Lori Conkin, CAO