2021 Official Election Results

October 22, 2021
For Immediate Release
Town of Three Hills -  The Town of Three Hills is pleased to share the official results of the 2021 Municipal Election.  The Town of Three Hills residents have elected a Mayor and Council that will govern over the next four years.  
Raymond Wildeman has been elected as Mayor.  This will be his first term as Mayor for the Town.
The following candidates have been elected as Councillors and will form our new Town Council:
Byrne Lammle
Dennis Hazelton
Miriam Kirk
Marilyn Sept
The newly elected Mayor and Council will be sworn in on Monday, October 25 @5:00 PM in the Council Chambers at the Town Office.  
Final 2021 Municipal Election Count:


AUSTIN, Jeannette Colleen - 429 Votes

WILDEMAN, Raymond* - 670 Votes



DIACK, Terry Ann - 341 Votes

GASCON, Danny – 465 Votes

HAZELTON, Dennis* - 803 Votes

KIRK, Miriam Ruth* - 517 Votes

LAMMLE, Byrne* - 851 Votes

SEPT, Marilyn * - 755 Votes



Results of the referendum and senate votes will be posted on www.elections.ab.ca/senate-and-referendum/results/
Final Voting Numbers
  • The Town of Three Hills has approximately 2,610 eligible voters based on the 2019 Census

  • 1105 Voters in 2021

  • 42.34% total voter turn out for 2021