Land Use Rezoning

It is possible to propose to change the land use District that applies to a particular site, if the proposed development considers a use for a site that is not allowed in the district.  This process involves an amendment to the Town of Three Hills  Land Use Bylaw 1458-20, and is referred to as rezoning.  A change in the zoning of a particular site may also require a change to the  Municipal Development Plan or in Three Hills’ circumstance, a change to the ISP (Integrated Sustainability Plan).


Council on its own initiative may give first reading to a Bylaw to amend the Town’s Land Use Bylaw.

A person may apply to have the Land Use Bylaw amended by applying, in writing, to the Development Officer specifying the nature of the specific amendment requested and paying the appropriate fee as established by resolution of Council.  All applicants are required to attend a mandatory pre-application meeting with the Town planning and development staff to review application requirements and to ensure a timely process.

Town staff will also be able to determine what, if any, additional information i.e. studies or material, will be required to accept the application as compete.  To arrange such a meeting, please call 403-443-5822.  For this meeting, an applicant should have the legal description of the subject property and should be prepared to discuss the intent of the application.

Land Use Amendment (Rezoning) Planning Process