South Subdivision
A Subdivision is the process whereby a parcel of land is divided into two or more parcels in order to obtain separate legal titles for each parcel.  This is an important and effective land use management and planning tool.  Subdivision of land within the Town of Three Hills (and all of Alberta) is governed by two Provincial statutes: the Municipal Government Act (Division 7 - Subdivision of Land) and the Subdivision and Development Regulation, whereby the Municipal Planning Commission is authorized as the approving authority.
The only person (s) that can subdivide land is the registered owner(s) of the land.  The owner(s) can appoint an authorized agent to act on his or her behalf.  Often landowners choose an Alberta Land Surveyor or other professional— planner, lawyer, engineer to act on their behalf when they do not wish to undertake the application on their own.  If this is the case, the subdivision application must clearly indicate the name of the agent, and be accompanied by a letter of authorization.
Potential applicants are requested to arrange a pre-application meeting with the Town Planning and Development staff.  Note that this meeting is mandatory in order to review application requirements prior to submission and to ensure a timely process.  To arrange such a meeting, please call 403-443-5822.  For this meeting, an applicant should have the legal description of the subject property and should be prepared to discuss the intent of the application.  At this time, if required, Town staff can also identify the potential requirement to provide reserve dedication from the subject property to the Town.
Subdivision Planning Process