Business Visitation Program

The Town of Three Hills Economic Growth Committee has introduced a Business Visitation Program (BVP) to get to know your business, the current business climate and the needs of the business community better.  Our Economic Development Officer with the assistance of Committee Members will be working together to collect this information.  

The purpose of this project is as follows:

  • To update our Website Business Listing with your most current information
  • A means of gathering data that will support future investment and business attraction
  • A forum to discuss municipal influenced issues that affect the success of your business
  • A method to identify human resource or business training requirements and appropriate timing for delivery of workshops and information sessions
  • An avenue for the economic development practitioners to share small and medium-sized business resources that support retention, expansion, business start-ups or aspiring entrepreneurs

You will have the opportunity to meet with a member of the Economic Development Committee in person to complete the BVP survey or complete it easily online.  You will in no way be required to participate in this program, however your information is valuable in helping us to identify the challenges and successes that the business community in the Town of Three Hills faces.  Please note that your individual responses are confidential and will not be shared beyond your survey taker and the Town of Three Hills Economic Development Officer.

COMPLETE YOUR SURVEY ONLINE by clicking on the following links (you will be redirected to a Survey Monkey web form)...




TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT call Jacqueline at 403-443-5822 or email Economic Growth HERE!