Community Business Investment Partnership

 Check Your Eligibility   Make Your Application  Application Approval
 for the CBIP Grant Program  for the CFWR loan and Town grant  
Program Objectives &
Potential Project Initiatives?

Print your application online from the link at the bottom of this page. Your Community Futures Wild Rose Business Analyst will
assist you with the loan application process.
Your CBIP loan application will be submitted to and approved by Community Futures Wild Rose within the guidelines of their lending program.
  • Local businesses will remain competitive in the marketplace resulting in growth and expansion.
  • Strengthen relationships between businesses and their local community.
  • Improve the exterior and interior of businesses.
  • Purchase of equipment to increase growth or modernization.
  • Technology upgrades (point of sale, e-commerce solutions, website development, etc.)
  • Office space improvements.
  • Application and supporting documentation, including photos and project plan, will be reviewed for eligibility.
  • Clarification or additional supporting documentation may be requested.
  • An initial site visit and inspection of
  • the property may be required.

The Town of Three Hills will receive the application and review the project for grant eligibility and approval. 

Note, failure to gain approval in the grant program will not necessarily affect your eligibility for a Community Futures Wild
Rose loan. 
Contact  Community Futures Wild Rose today to start your application or call the Town today at 403-443-5822 for more information.
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