Utility Billing

Meter Read 
The Town of Three Hills offers  Garbage,  Recycling  Sewer and  Water services to both Commercial and Residential Customers within Municipal boundaries.
Prior to moving into your new home, please contact the Town of Three Hills at 403-443-5822 to set up your Utilities, having the  Utility Application Form completed.  If you are a landlord or tenant, please also ensure that you complete the  Landlord-Tenant Agreement
Each month you will receive an Invoice for the previous month's water and sewer consumption as well as the monthly recycling depot and garbage collection fee. Utility Invoices are calculated from the first to last day of each month and will be mailed VIA Canada Post the second week of the following month.  Payment is due the last business day of the month in which the Invoice is received.
Town of Three Hills  Utility Invoices can be paid at the Town Office by cash, cheque, credit card, or Interac.  If preferred, utility's can be paid at your bank, through an Instant Teller, telephone banking, or through internet banking. Contact your financial institution for more information.  The Town also offers a convenient  Utility Pre-Authorized Payment Plan option which will automatically withdraw the payment from your bank account on the last business day of each month. You may cancel withdrawals with this  Utility Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Cancellation Form at any time.
Rates & Fees 
 Residential (flat rate)  $ 18.50   per month
 Commercial (flat rate)
 $ 27.50
 per month
 Garbage (Black) Carts, first is free, charge for additional bins  $ 84.50 +GST  each
 $   8.00
 per month
 Commercial   $   9.00  per month
 Recycling (Blue) Carts, first is free, charge for additional bins  $ 98.55 +GST  each
 Water Distribution Flat Rate  $ 17.75  per month 
 Water Usage Rate
 $   3.48  per cubic meter
 Wastewater Flat Rate  $ 22.20  per month
 Wastewater Usage Rate
 $   0.98  per cubic meter
 New Water Meter  cost + 15%  + GST
 Water Meter Installation   $ 75.00  + GST