Aquatic Centre

Located at 221 4th Avenue NE:

Pool 24-hour schedule line: (403) 443-2111    
Office: (403) 443-2166 Fax: (403) 443-2616
Have fun, get fit, learn to swim or spend the day with the family. The Three Hills Aquatic Centre offers a variety of classes as well as lane swim and fitness programs. 

The Aquatic Centre is offering a limited number of 1-on-1 lessons or 1-on-1 household lessons as of Feb. 8/21.
Please call 403-443-2166 for more information or to book!
No other pool or fitness options are available at this time.
Here is a highlight of some of the changes you can expect to see. 

All persons entering will go through a screening process and will be asked to sanitize or wash their hands. Suggestion: A caregiver to be present while the child is providing personal information during the screening process. 

We encourage everyone to come dressed in their swimsuit, there will be change rooms and washrooms available with restrictions.  There will be limited lockers, so personal items may be taken out onto the pool deck.  Everyone will be asked to shower before entering the pool but are encouraged to shower at home afterwards. 

Along with our regular cleaning schedule, we will be performing additional sanitizations between swims. At the end of each swim, we ask that all swimmers exit the pool and change rooms as soon as possible. 

The maximum number of participants to maintain social distancing measures are as follows:

Lane SwimTEMPORARILY CANCELLED Sign up process will be in place for a maximum of five (5) participants per half-hour blocks. 

AquasizeTEMPORARILY CANCELLED Sign up process will be in place for a maximum of fifteen (15) participants. Please limit to two (2) classes per week to accommodate others. Sign up is available one (1) week in advance. Please refrain from booking in advance during the class. Inquiries for same-day availability can be made by calling at 7:30-8:00 am to claim an open spot, this can be in addition to the two (2) classes per week. 

Public SwimTEMPORARILY CANCELLED Maximum of twenty-five (25) participants. You may call the day of to hold a spot. Please limit to one (1) public swim per day to accommodate others.

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Due to restrictions as set out by the Government, Preschool lessons up to level 3 will require a parent or caregiver in the water with the participant, class sizes will also be limited to 5 participants plus caregiver.

In order to maintain required social distancing within the classes and change rooms, start times will be staggered.   We also ask that everyone come wearing swim attire. Limited showers and lockers are available, and we encourage participants to bring their items with them on deck.

Rates & Fees:

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Printable Schedule and Lessons:


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 Aquatic Centre Schedule - Temp. Not Available

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